Thursday, 13 November 2008

Hello Blog world !

I am a paper addict ( thought it best to admit my sins straight off ) Love paper, love recycling, in fact I am totally potty over paper ... hence the name of this brand new blog. I am looking to get to know other paper maniacs through blogging and also to give you my seriously paper orientated news on a regular basis. I love to make jewellery from paper, altering all kinds of projects and also making cards, atc's and absolutely anything which needs paper to make it beautiful !

I hope i can make lots of friends here and hope to share ideas and projects with other like minded souls.

Thank you to anyone who stopped long enough here to read and please please add your pott comment and help me feel less along out here

Happy Thursday

Jay :)


Sammi said...

Hello Jay! Welcome to blogland!! :)
It's a wonderful place although it only further ignites the paper addiction by seeing other peoples wonderful paper creations!
Love the name of your blog and am looking forward to seeing your creations...
oooh... I love the jewellery on the slideshow with the Eiffel tower!!
Thanks for stopping by my blog!

fishlips said...

Hello Jay... I saw you came and had a visit to my blog page, so I thought I would just stop by and say hello...
Your jewelery looks amazing keep up the good work!!!